Covid-19 Impacted FCC KIDS

FCC Kids Volunteer Schedule-July 2020

Danny Sink:  336-801-6404                    

The first week in July we will follow the same schedule that we have for the last two weeks in June with Children’s Church during the 9 AM Service.

Date                                     Pre-K & Kindergarten                             1st Grade- Rising 6th

July 5th                                 Vicki B. & Michelle H.                              Cathy H. & Chera C.


Beginning July 12th

Beginning the second week in July we will have our Children’s Department open only during the 11 AM service. 

We will still only operate for Children 3 years old through Rising 6th Graders.  All children will meet in the Café, they will be required to have a temperature check and to be below 99.5 to enter.


Date                                                        Pre-K & Kindergarten                                       1st Grade- Rising 6th

July 12th                                                     Joyce R. & Wanda                              Danny & Andie & Ameriah

July 19th                                                       Joy H. & Lori P.                                           Danny S. & Jamie S.

July 26th                                                    Joyce R. and Wanda                                     Danny S. & Danny L.


I will continue to create the online FCC Kids videos for those that are not yet attending in person.  We will continue to use the Praise and Worship Video at the beginning of class, we will also continue using the Theo cartoon lessons from Right Now Media.  I will update the lesson information on the webpage under the ‘Planning During the Return from Covid-19’ tab on the Children’s Volunteer page.


Please let me know ASAP if there are any scheduling conflicts.  Currently my volunteer pool is narrowed, so the more notice I have in rescheduling, the better. 


Thank you all for your willingness to teach and love on our little ones!



Current Procedures


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to Service. 

All children will be kept in the Cafe.  The Children's wing remains closed during Sunday Service.

During drop-off, one teacher must stay by the door to welcome and check the following:

No Children will be allowed to enter until their temperature has been taken and the room has had all surfaces sanitized.

 Any child with a temperature over 99.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter FCC Kids. 

All children must wash or use hand sanitizer before entering.

Only children 3 yrs old through 5th Grade may enter.  Younger siblings are not allowed!

We have not had move-up Sunday yet.  Rising 1st graders will remain with younger group, rising 6th remain with elementary.

I am grouping multiple teachers together so that you can work together to be able to manage, sanitize, etc.

Anyone volunteering during the 9 AM service will be free to attend the 11 AM service regardless of your last name.


We currently will only have 9 AM FCC KIDS Service (No kids at 11 AM)


Both groups (Pre-K & Elementary) will start together for Praise and Worship which will be on the Television under the FCC KIDS App.

Both groups will then be given snack (individually packed) and will watch the episode of Theo that goes with today's date below.  This will be watched on the TV using the RightNow Media App.  You should preview this lesson ahead of teaching as it will be the basis of your lesson.  You have the option of showing the Bible Lesson as well, but if you do, please be sure to have a time for discussion and questions.

Following the end of the video, break Pre-K & Kindergarten into one group and 1st grade-5th grade into a separate group.  Go to opposite ends of the room and discuss the story/ idea presented in the Theo lesson on the kids level.  Ask them questions and allow them to ask you questions.

Following the end of your lesson, you may take the kids outside (weather permitting) or play games with them in the cafe if weather is an issue.

Please do not allow kids to use the water fountains.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.  These lessons should be fairly simple and intentionally leave the kids with some play time that they have likely been lacking with other kids their age.

2020- Third Quarter





2020- Fourth Quarter























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