Why do we need LIFE Groups?

The book of Acts gives us a great glimpse into what the early church looked like.  It wasn't a group of people that got together once a week to sing a few songs and listen to the Apostles teach.  

No.  While great teaching was vital and worship was key, that was only a piece of what the Christian Life looked like.  The early church understood what it meant to 'do life together'.  They sat down to meals together, shared the highs and lows of life together, they prayed together, celebrated together, mourned togehter...

LIFE Groups is a step in the right direction of reclaiming that kind of genuine Christian fellowship for us as individuals and as a congregation.  It's breaking bread, having real conversations, digging deeper into the word, expanding relationships....It's stepping into God's promise of not only Life, but Life abundant.


Below you will find a list of available evening LIFE Groups to choose from.  Each LIFE Group displays the day of the week they meet, the host family, and the general area where the home is located.  Unless otherwise indicated, LIFE Groups will meet from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

 The Griffins - Thomasville





 Frost- High Point (Women Only)-Currently Online

 The Lymans- High Point

 (Young Adults - Kid friendly)




* Information in parenthesis shows a special emphasis for that group.  If there are no parenthesis, the group is open to all adults.

Evening LIFE Groups

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Sunday Morning

LIFE Groups

Below you will find a list of Sunday Morning LIFE Groups that meet on the Campus of FCCHP.  These LIFE Groups are shown by times they are available.