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With the new year comes a new series.  Some weeks we will have Cartoons, other weeks will be praise and worship and teaching.  Each week is different!  

Kid's Service for 01-09-22

 Video Lesson 

Part of God’s story is about Paul and Silas. They were friends who wanted to serve God and told His story to others. It wasn’t always easy, but they really wanted people to know that God loved them.

 Praise and Worship Time

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Sunday Morning Schedule

10:30 AM  Elementary

10:30 AM  Pre-K - Kindergarten

10:30 AM Nursey (Birth - 36 mths)

Our Second Service (10:30 AM) starts out with a high octane time of praise and worship.  Kids get up and sing, dance, and do motions to a mix of fun kid geared praise and worship songs and favorites that they hear on stations like WBFJ, K-Love and Air1.

Many of the lessons that we teach also incorporate games, physical activity, music, videos, and other varied activities that keep kids involved and interested in the lesson.

As we learn and grow together,

we know that it is important for kids to develop

friendships and to learn how to fellowship together.

We offer lots of opportunities for kids to come together for fun activities like lock-ins, parent's night out events, performance opportunities, VBS,

and much, much more.