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Life Groups are where we gather and study together throughout the week.  Many of our groups meet in homes of members of our congregation, others meet at the church building itself or even local restaurants. 

If you'd like more information about Life Groups, locations, or how to join contact us at

Sunday Groups

Prayer Group
4 PM
Church Sanctuary

Youth Group
Middle and High Schoolers
6:30 PM

Monday Groups

Men's Group
6:30 AM
Church Sanctuary

Bible Study  Group
10 AM
Church Sanctuary

Tuesday Groups
The Piner's
Wednesday Groups
Terry's Group
6:30 PM
High Point
Thursday Groups

Rotating Home Group
6:30 PM

Friday Groups
No Current Groups
Young Adult's Group
6:30 PM
High Point
@ the Church
(Check ClubU30 page for time and location)

Saturday Groups
No Current Groups
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