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At Your Finger Tips

Sometimes I think we can simply overlook how easy it is to access biblical information. We live in such a world of convenience, where our phone, tablets, computers, and T.V.'s make it so easy to access all kinds of other distractions, that we overlook, or simply forget how easy it is today to access good biblical teaching and entertainment.

For instance...Did you know that on our website ( there is currently access to 184 episodes of Church365 (our short devotionals). There is access to 69 full worship services and sermons. You can get to all of the new S.M.A.R.T. Moments that we began a few weeks ago that help refresh your mind on what the main points of Sunday's Sermon touched on so you can apply it to your life. And that is all in-house content that we've done ourselves. It doesn't even include RightNow media which we give you free access to ( that has thousands of devotionals, sermons, teaching series, kid's programs, and more.

The enemy wants you to think how hard it is to find good Christian Content. This is just a little reminder about the truth. God's word is never further away than the Bible in your house, and there are lots of fun, entertaining, and easy ways to learn & grow just from your church's own website! Tune in and turn it on!

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