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Christmas Eve Services

This year's Christmas Eve Service will be a little different. Then again, it's still 2020 did you really expect anything else?

For several years we have looked at the growth of our Christmas Eve Service and considered expanding to multiple services. We consistently see attendance for this service that exceeds our normal seating capacity (Which is a giant blessing!). With the continued concern many have about Covid-19, this year we have decided to go ahead and make the move to two Christmas Eve Services.

By expanding to two services we will be able to continue implementing the safety precautions that we have set in place for our Sunday morning services. We will hold these services on Dec. 24th at 5 PM and 6:30 PM.

Each service will have a limited number of tickets available. TICKETS ARE FREE, this is simply a way for us to maintain numbers that allow us to manage these services instead of having one event that is light and one that is overflowing.

You can reserve your tickets by visiting the website and clicking on the "Christmas Eve" banner on our main page. Follow the links to choose and reserve your tickets for the service you would like to attend. Please reserve one ticket for EACH person that will be attending, not for each family. (ex. A family of five should reserve 5 tickets.)

We are so excited for this Christmas Season and for this special time that we share as a congregation. We look forward to coming together with you as we come to Adore the New Born King!

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