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Evangelism 101- Why

Why me? Why do I need to be involved in carrying the gospel message? Why not leave it up to people who feel comfortable, to people who are confident, to people who have made this their vocation?

Man has been asking 'Why me' about one thing or another almost as long as words have been coming out of our mouths. It seems our natural inclination when faced with something new, and especially something uncomfortable, is to try and pass the buck.

Why would we expect anything different with Evangelism? Over the last two weeks in our sermon series we've looked at how to dispel some of the worries and fears that go along with sharing our faith, and in this most recent sermon we looked at the 'Why Me' aspect.

It would be easy to leave it at, "Well God told you so!", and honestly that ought to be enough! But as we explored this past Sunday there's really a lot more to it than that. This thing we call Christianity is really all about a relationship with God. It's Him making a way so that we can talk to Him, to be with Him (now and forever). It's about us understanding that the God of the Universe didn't just make us, but that He loves us!

According to God's word (1 John 5:3) the way we love God back is to obey Him. And a huge part of that is to share the good news of salvation with the other people that God loves and wants to come into a relationship with Him.

Not only that, but God tells us the second most important thing we can do after loving God is to love other people (the ones we like and the ones we don't). Sharing how people can escape hell, enter into heaven, and enjoy the most rewarding and loving relationship possible is the epidemy of love.

Want a closer, more intimate relationship with Jesus? Watch what he does in your life and in your heart as you study and prepare to share with others! You may begin reading, praying and studying to be ready to share with someone else, but God's got plans for developing you too!

And the fact that God wants to pour out more blessings on you in heaven (Matt 6: 19-21), that He is looking for reasons to reward us above and beyond what awaits us for just accepting Him. It's mind blowing! But it's what He says, be obedient, give me a reason to pour out treasures into your eternity!

All of this sets up what is to come this Sunday when we talk about the Ways of evangelizing. God has given you the tools to get past the enemey's attacks and the natural fears we feel. He's spelled out for you that He wants YOU to share His message. This coming Sunday is about helping to equip you to actually Go.

Prepare your heart this week! Ask God to start showing you where He wants you to go, who He wants you to talk with. Begin putting on your armor, ask God to give you strength and courage beyond what you normally know. Above all, ask God to help you to show His love to everyone you meet. Pray that He will open doors and hearts, and pray that our lives will be a pleasing sacrifice in His sight.

I'm excited to see what God is going to do through FCCHP as we finish this sermon series and begin to be a people who boldly carry God's word out into our daily lives! I pray for you and that your excitement is growing as well!

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