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More Than Mom

A Post-Mother's Day Blog Post

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and in our sermon this weekend we looked at some not-so-famous mothers from scripture.

Included in our lesson were examples that we found from the life of Jochebed- the Mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam, Bathsheba-the mother of Solomon, and Salome- The mother of the Apostles James and John (The sons of Zebedee). We discussed how each one had attributes and characteristics that not only made them good Mother's, but godly people. These traits weren't just for moms. If you've got a pulse then these are characteristics that God has called for you to exhibit as well.

All of us should be known by Love (the greatest of these is....), Faith, & Self-Control. We all have people we can advocate for (true religion is this that we care for orphans and widows...). We've all been redeemed from something and can use the places we have been to help others who may be trotting that trail. Each one of us is called to remain dedicated and faithful, even when things aren't going the way we wish they would.

At the core of Sunday's message were all of these characteristics that we see in the biblical account. Yet there was another characteristic that stood out to me as I worked on the sermon. For whatever reason, the way the scriptures were recorded or the preoccupation that we have with a portion of these ladies lives, these are the overlooked and often forgotten moms of scripture.

The amazing thing is the deeds these moms did were no less significant than most of the moms that get the lime light..

These ladies, to a woman, acted in ways that shaped and changed history. Yet we hardly ever look at them. Do you think they are sitting in heaven throwing a pity party because they don't get the same notoriety as Jesus' Mom? Nah, me either.

Why is it then that we so crave attention that comes with doing anything positive? If a good deed is done in the forest and no one tells you good job, did it really happen? I seem to remember something about if we get kudos here on earth then we have already received our reward. I find myself just as guilty of this as anyone else.

Perhaps one of the lessons we can take away from these ladies, a lesson we never really touched on Sunday, is a lesson in humility. It's not about getting the pat on the back, or the 'atta boy' all the time. It's not about having a statue erected to remember us or that people talk about how good we were. It's more important that the right thing is done and that it sets others up for success, the way these moms did with their lives.

In the scope of eternity, the only well done that really matters is the one that comes from Jesus on the other side.

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