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RightNow Media

Sunday, Jan 18th you will be hearing about a new service that is offered to families absolutely free through the church. This service is called RightNow Media. RNM has been called the Netflix of Christian content.

Some people may be a bit standoffish about signing up for this streaming service. Let me put you at ease, I have been using this service for over a year. It is an amazing tool for me as an adult to do Bible study in ways that I otherwise could not. There are fabulous studies on marriage, parenting, Books of the Bible, and about any other category.

But the thing that I have found most interesting as a parent and as a Children's Minister is the Kid's Content. There is simply a ton of fabulous content that kids WILL WANT TO WATCH. There are traditional shows like Veggie Tales and Superbook, but there are also shows like Owlegories and Ryan Defreitas Secret Agent that have so much valuable biblical teaching wrapped in cartoons that your kids will love.

I highly encourage every family to sign up and go through what RNM offers. How valuable do I find it? The entire curriculum for our 10:30 Elementary class is designed around video content that is offered by RNM, it is just that good!


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