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The Most Important Passion Week of Your Kids' & Grand-kids' Lives

I love you parents and grandparents, but lets face it, I love your Kids SOOOOOOO MUCH More ;). It's just how God wired me. I want to see everyone of them make decisions for Jesus, to take that plunge beneath the water, to bury their old selves, to emerge a new creation, to live lives dedicated to loving Jesus and following Him. BUT I WILL NEVER HAVE THE IMPACT ON YOUR CHILD THAT YOU HAVE. HAVE YOU THOUGHT THAT AT THIS MOMENT IN HISTORY, WHEN OUR HECTIC BUSY LIVES HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO A HALT THAT IT HAS HAPPENED RIGHT AT EASTER? YOU MAY NEVER HAVE THE TIME AND OPPORTUNITY TO MENTOR, TEACH AND IMPACT YOUR CHILD FOR CHRIST LIKE YOU DO RIGHT NOW AGAIN? When this is over we will get busy again, it will become difficult to make time again. Make this Easter count! This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and FCC KIDS will begin a special Video Bible Devotional that is meant to be used all week. This devotional is very easy to use, but has the potential to be very powerful. It is produced by Jelly Tellys and is guaranteed to grab your child's attention. We will start this Sunday with the Palm Sunday Devotional as part of our FCC KIDS Sunday Worship Broadcast ( Next week we will use the last devotional as part of our Easter lesson. In-between I am asking every parent to do the daily devotional with your kids. These devotions are 5 minutes or less each day and explain the passion week and Jesus' sacrifice in a way your kids can understand, and ask questions about. There are no materials to get ready, all you have to do is go to RightNow Media, watch the short devotional with your kids and talk about it. It is that simple. 5 minutes a day, show your kids your heart for Christ, tell them why you are a Christian, tell them how important this relationship with God is to you. Show them how important them having a relationship with God is! 5 minutes, if it stretches to 10 because they have questions, then great. What if 5 minutes a night is all it takes to see your kids on streets of gold some day!?! This may be the seed that grows into the tree that is your child's lifelong faith!

Yes I'm writing this when it's late, and yes I have been long winded, but IT IS THAT IMPORTANT! If you don't yet have a RIGHTNOW Media account to get to these devotions, no problem the church is still providing free accounts. Go to read the page, click the link and fill it out. Don't worry it is really free, I promise!

And if you don't go to our church, don't worry, we want you to have this for the children in your life too! Take the free account!

I love you guys, I love your families. Please partner with us to make this quarantined Easter the best thing that ever happened to your kids eternity!

I'm here if you need me!


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