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Update on Church Activities

One of the worst things (in my humble opinion) about the isolation that we have experienced with Covid has been the lack of time with my second family here at FCCHP. It's great to meet together on Sundays, but church has been so engrained in my day to day life that when small groups, pot lucks, and get-togethers fell off the face of the earth I felt- lost.

I get so excited when I have something that I get to add to the calendar instead of something else I have to pull off. With that said, there are several things that I have been able to add (and something that I have had to pull off).

So let's start with the bad news. High Point has cancelled the Christmas Parade, so we will not be creating a float and participating this year. BUMMER. After receiving a plaque last year, our first year returning to the parade in a long time, I was hoping to start a dynasty. That's okay, next year High Point, next year.

The positive.

Youth-you will be traveling to a Chicken Stew on October 25th. Be sure to do your permission slip online and you will need to be at the church at 5PM.


-You have several upcoming events. The next is coming up Saturday, October 24th at 6:15 PM. The SALT ladies will be hosting the simulcast of the Arise Women's Conference. This free event is open to women of all ages.

-Ladies you also have a brand new, in-person, life group kicking off on Tuesday nights at the church (6:30 PM). This study begins October 27th and will follow Chip Ingram's book Discover Your True Self. This fantastic study focuses on being who God calls us to be and not who the enemy tries to make us believe we are.

Register for these events and check out information about Friendsgiving and the Ladies Christmas party by visiting the Salt Page at


- We will be having a special night of prayer for our country and the upcoming election on Monday, Nov. 2nd here at FCCHP. Join us as we give God thanks for all He has blessed us with as a country and seek His favor and guidance for what is to come.

- Nov. 16th will be a special Estate planning seminar. This event was moved from earlier this year due to Covid-19. Join us at 6:30 PM for the seminar and sign-up for an opportunity to meet and receive individualized guidance on your estate and will planning later that week.

I hope that you are getting excited about all of the opportunities that we have to meet, worship and do life together. I can't wait to add even more to our calendar!

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