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Youth Pine Needle Sale Cancelled

In last week's announcements we told you that the youth were preparing to start their annual pine needle fundraiser. Unfortunately we have run into some complications that will prevent us from having the fundraiser this year.

Our supplier, who we have been using for the past few years, let us know late last week that they would not be able to get us pine needles in time for our fundraiser. With all of the bad weather we have had over the past few weeks they were just too far behind on shipments to get ours to us.

We quickly began calling up previous suppliers and others we had heard of across the state as well as South Carolina and Georgia to try to find a new supplier for this years fundraiser. In doing so we found out that not only were weather delays an issue but there also appeared to be a pine needle shortage this year which led to none of the other suppliers being able to help us either.

Ultimately it became clear our only real option was to cancel the pine needle fundraiser this year. In its place, we will be doing a few smaller ones. If you normally support us through our pine needle fundraiser, be on the lookout for additional ways to support our youth. Thank you for your continued support of the youth at FCC HP.

Auston O'Hara

Student Minister

First Christian Church of High Point

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